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1. Personal Data Collection

Device Data and Usage Record

When user sign-in to the service provided by the Company, the Company will automatically collect information which is relevant to the device is being used by user to access the service, such as, Brand, Model, Operating System and Cookie may be sent to the user’s browser in order to record the user’s data. The Company shall keep sign-in records of the user for the purposes of services usage reviewing of the user and the Company.


2. Use of Personal Data

The Company shall use your personal data only for the necessary of providing services, communication, advertising or providing information, including collecting feedback from users in relevant to the Company and Business Partner services.


3. Personal Data Protection

3.1 The Company realizes and values the privacy of users and committed to protect personal data of the user.

3.2 The Company will use the utmost care and attention regarding the security measures for the security of all User information. Your personal information will be protected and handled appropriately as required by law.

3.3. Any collection or disclosure of personal information are only for the purposes of services usage., except as requested or permitted by law.

3.4 The Company is interested to hearing your opinions and suggestions regarding our compliance with this Privacy Policy .

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